Monday, 24 March 2008

Car Servicing & Thinking About Not Working

Over the long Easter weekend it has been all car stuff I am afraid.

Saturday was spent removing the 2nd row seats and rust proofing the door panels (for that beach driving on Fraser Island!). Also some other bits and pieces that needed doing like wiper blades and washer fluid and all that boring stuff.

Then Easter Sunday at Paul's we changed the engine oil + filters and diff oil, plus greased the uni joints under the car. With Paul and his dad's help of course, but it is a nice feeling knowing you changed the oil yourself and saw all the clean stuff go in all the same! Once the transfer case oil leak (typical Land Rover apparently) is sorted at the dealers then the gearbox and transfer oil will be changed and we will be good to go - in terms of oil anyway!

Next plan for the car is changing all four shock absorbers and front springs for some heavier duty and 2" raised ones, and raising the rear by 2" with a special lifting kit (as the car has airbags for the rear suspension). We'll also replace the rear brake pads whilst we are at it.

Me and Em still have a lot else to do other than the car; packing, moving out, planning, etc. And now only have about 3 weeks left at work. Both of us are really excited about leaving work, but daunted by the thought of not being at work at the same time - make sense? Well, imagine waking up every day and not having anything to do except fish (we've both got rods now!), beach bum/surf, read, drive (sometimes), explore, make/pack camp, and cook. It's gonna be weird.....

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