Monday, 25 August 2008


A quick note to say I have been very tardy recently with my blogging, however I have a reasonably valid excuse, i.e. internet access.  Only Darwin has had anything like internet access where I could think of uploading, and we were only there long enough to sort a load of washing, the car tyres and shopping!  So I am back in Katherine (still in the Northern Territory) at an internet cafe uploading what I can.  It's been at least 6 weeks since Cairns (before we headed upto Cape York) and so much has happened, I am sure I have forgotten stuff, but hopefully it still makes for an interesting read and a good diary for me in years to come.  Some other interesting stuff is Em & I have made a decision to return to UK or Europe for work and family commitments in Dec 08, to stay for 1 year before returning to Australia in Dec 09.

Don't forget to check the Archived Posts links on the right of the blog, as some older posts will be dated in July.  Cheers.

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