Sunday, 1 June 2008

How could I forget Nimbin...

Nimbin! I almost forgot it. It's a hippy town about 80kms inland from Byron Bay. We went there whilst our tent was being rained on. Very alternative - and I mean very. It has a permaculture centre, an alternative energy centre, a candle making factory, and a hemp bar! It's really strange to see a police van drive through the main street knowing full well what is going on all around - considering anything to do with cannabis is illegal elsewhere in NSW. There is a pretty strong anti-government/pro-marijuana message everywhere which is funny to read about. Did you know before the 1950s (or 30's? I dont remember) Australia didnt really have any laws surrounding cannabis use? It was all some American's fault that it was prohibited, as he said it made juveniles go bad or something to that effect. Tour operators offer day trips there. Well worth the drive through the country to get there.

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