Thursday, 19 June 2008

Second Half of Fraser Island

Since camping up for 4 nights at Central Station on Fraser we moved out of the rainforest area to a campsite "Dundaburra" about 300m from the beach which is much drier and much nicer!  Shame we didn't realise to start with as our towels are now drying in a few hours, whereas they never dried at all in the rainforest at Central Station.  This is our setup at Dundaburra:


Me & Em are loving it here; the beach and 4wd scenic drives are spectacular, we've had some of the best "day" trips on the island since being away.  Everywhere is quite busy with the backpackers still, but not badly busy, and if you go north of a place called Indian Heads it is a more quiet, tranquil beach and the area is zoned "semi remote" as the national parks call it.  Help is a bit more few and far between, but its worth the effort to get there: 


We haven't yet seen a dingo, although lots of these: P1060787 ...until we were North of Indian Heads, when a murder (or is that just for crows?  Damo would know...) of ravens flew off from behind a dune, and a lean looking dingo was there stood on the dune looking down at us, we only got a pic of his behind as he skulked away, but were chuffed we got to see one as they are in breeding season so there aren't many around apparently.

We managed to get a good bit of sightseeing in even though the weather tried to be more moody over the last few days:  P1060831

At Lake Allom we got to see the inquisitive freshwater turtles:  P1060886

And this is the SS Maheno wreck; after running aground during a cyclone whilst being towed to Japan for scrap, it was subsequently used for bombing practice by the navy and airforce!  P1060949

Anyway, I could go on, maybe I'll upload the full album soon as it would be easier!!!  So after 8 nights we headed back to the mainland at Hervey Bay.....

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