Wednesday, 23 April 2008

First Bush-shower Taken and Bread Attacked!

Since leaving Aireys Inlet on Sunday we have been camped at a beautiful spot called Police Paddocks near Rutherglen on the South side of the Murray River - the border of NE Victoria and NSW.  It is called Police Paddocks as the police used the 1000 hectare island - which we are facing from our campsite - to spell their horses during the 1880's apparently.  The island is in the background in the pic below and the tree behind our gazebo looks about 500 years old in our expert opinions:


It is now Wednesday and we have started to chill out and enjoy the pace of the natural day.  Using solar energy and river water today we experienced our first bush shower!  We bought a $10 black bag with a hose attached which we put in the sun for 3 hours, then hung it off the roof of the car and between a couple of tarps took a well deserved shower in the heat of the day. 


I think there is a Kookaburra in the picture above, no prizes for spotting it I am afraid.

It was all go earlier in the morning as when Em took out the kitchen boxes a mouse hopped out from its comfy bed (of one of our tea towels) and disappeared under a tree.  On further investigation we found he had been at our bread and left poop in several places in the back of the car.  This also explains why we were woken up twice during the night by the car alarm as the motion sensors picked up the little blighter having a ball with our fresh bread.

Apart from that we have been doing a little fishing (no luck yet); Chaz caught a shrimp with his Swiss army knife(!) which we used for bait until it fell off.  We then caught another shrimp using a homemade net out of a mossie face net and cable ties.  Still the fishies evade us though.  And we arent quite sure what to do with one if we catch it anyway.....

We are expecting Paul and Emily to join us in the next few days to begin our trip over the Snowy's.

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