Thursday, 10 April 2008

Pimped Rides, House Turmoil and Last Day at Work

Well we both got through our penultimate day at work today which was fun...and the house is now in complete turmoil....chairs taken apart, boxes piled high, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on TV....We can't figure out what tyres are legally allowed on the car (as I am replacing the highway tyres for more all terrain type tyres)....Paul and Emily cant decide on a domain/email name....oh and the bloody graphics card has died on the laptop, so I am writing this through a slightly blurry screen. Awesome timing Dell, thanks.

Good things are the car now has a 2" suspension lift, with new front springs and four new shock absorbers. Also new rear brakes and shiny new coolant AND - I almost forgot - no more oil leak! What a relief as it was leaking very badly. All thanks to Paul's dad Bill for a busy weekend on the cars last weekend. Paul and Emily are getting there with their camper too. I will upload some pics of our newly pimped rides soon.

So just tonight's sleep to go and an easy last day at work tomorrow. Move furniture day is Wednesday next week, clean the house and hand the keys back is Thursday, then we are officially homeless!

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