Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Captain Birdseye

We had a good day yesterday at the Snowy's. It was snowing outside so I spent most of the day lazing around reading, eating and playing Nintendo.  I have been getting abuse from everyone as they think I am addicted to chocolate and that I shouldn't be able to eat the size of my heads worth of the stuff.

anglers reach 015

Early evening Chaz and Paul headed off down to the lake (Lake Eucumbene) to do some fishing whilst me and Emily prepared hot milk and Kahlua (coffee liqueur) to keep us warm whilst we were down there.  We almost left the house without a torch, but I ran back up to get one before we headed down.  However it wasn't very bright so we headed in the wrong direction into marsh land in the pitch black with our arms full with thermos flasks.  Luckily just as the panic started to set in we eventually caught sight of their fire and managed to find our way to the dirt track.

anglers reach 043

Just as we were all about to head back to the house as the fish weren't biting, the guys checked the rod for the last time and to Chaz's delight he had caught something; a brown trout. Paul knocked it on the head to kill it and Chaz stuck his fingers through it's head for the obligatory first fish photo. As you can see from the photo he was very chuffed and he didn't wipe the smile off his face for the rest of the day.

anglers reach 038

A few moments later Paul then caught a rainbow trout so this time Chaz wacked it on the head with his mag-light.  The fun bit came when we got back to the house and Paul taught us how to gut them, which Chaz handled very well, which was a bit of a surprise considering his issue with handling worms!

anglers reach 052

Anyway, it's fish in beer batter for dinner tonight and I think Chaz has now caught the fishing bug.  However this is quite appropriate as he is looking more like Captain Birdseye every day. 


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Thought we'd send our good luck wishes. We're really enjoying the blog so far, keep it coming!!!
Chaz, I can't believe how practical and hands on your being! especially the car stuff (remember the Cavalier??).
Take care and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Love Adi & Dawn.

Peter said...

Looks like you are having a Great Trip. I am seeing Terry Don Keith and Matt tomorrow night so I will let them know about your Blog.



Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
It seems like you are having a great time. Aren’t they all correct abt your Choco addiction ? :-)))))
Good luck with the rest of the journey.

Anonymous said...

ahha me sexys how art thou? by the looks of things u r really good and im really jealous it looks so fab! im going to hand my notice in at work and spend a few days walking round victoria park showing freya the local wildlife and then i might put a tent up in my garden and sit in it!!!
cant believe ur off at last, may the next 6 months be the best of your lives!
loving the blogs cos im nosey like that!
loads of love from our end carla xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

l o u ninjas hope youre trippin the light fantstic on your mission.all is sweet my end hope u r both well all my love & jealousy mo&sar