Thursday, 8 May 2008

NSW South Coast - Mimosa Rocks National Park

After a very relaxing week in the Snowy's we all felt recharged enough to move since leaving Anglers Reach on Sunday 4th May we have been slowly making our way up the South coast of New South Wales.  And very pretty it is too.  Bega is a nationally famous cheese so we stopped in to the namesake town for a bit of tasting, including fudge and a fascinating museum about the history of the area and cheese making.

From there we have been camping next to the beach in a spot about 20kms North of Bega, at Gillards Beach near Tathra.  I would like to list all the native animals we have seen since being here, but it would go on for a while; so I'll limit the birds as I think I am the only one that's interested anyway:

Sea eagle, whipbird, bellbird, oystercatcher, wattlebird, pelican, black cockatoo.



Then the marine life:

Stingrays - they were sweeping up the ocean floor beneath Tathra pier (you can just mae him out in the pic below, they were huge!), and dolphins - they swam through the surf about 20 feet away from us as we were taking a dip in the ocean!


And the marsupials that gather round the campfire with us at the end of the day:

Swamp wallaby (first pic below), eastern grey kangaroo (second pic below), bandicoot, poteroo and a bush rat/mouse called Gary that wanted to make a new home in Paul & Emily's camper bed!



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