Friday, 16 May 2008


This is a big state - not the biggest - and we are still in it, even after a mammoth drive yesterday. 

I am writing this from our campsite "Mungo Brush" in Port Stephens/Myall Lakes area.  We have had our 2nd night running of waking up to a very wet tent unfortunately; since leaving the Blue Mountains/Jenolan Caves area we spent a night in the mountains, not expecting to wake up to a frosty temperature of 2 degrees and a thick fog, and for our first night in Myall Lakes it rained for most of the we are drying the tent as I write this and will then pop to the local library in Tea Gardens (that's the name of the town) to upload it.

Paul and Emily are visiting friends and family in Sydney so me and Em did a lot of driving yesterday from the Blue Mountains area to get back to the coast hoping it would be drier and warmer (which it is the latter most definitely).  We captured these town names on the way through the Barrington Tops area, hopefully we will drive back through on our way to Tamworth to see if they are really like their namesakes!


Before a brief visit to Barrington Tops we also did the tourist thing to reputedly the oldest cave system in the world called "Jenolan Caves".  For all budding geologists the rock in that area has been dated back to 430 million years ago, and some sediment from the cave floors has been dated to 340 million years ago.  I don't reckon Wookey Hole can beat that, but its a long time since I have been there, so feel free to let me know if I am wrong.  Anyway Jenolan was worth the narrow, winding roads to get there.  Cave pictures dont come out too well on camera, but here is one to give you the idea, it took an hour and a half to wander around on the tour so I have a lot of blurry pictures if anyone is really interested:


Going back in time again our Blue Mountains visit was also memorable: we did a walk around Wentworth Falls which was peppered with path closures for safety renovations, and at one (unmarked on the map!) said site, it was closed for a further 30 minutes when we got there, so we waited for the workmen to let us through with a handful of other tourists, when a thunderstorm opened up above what felt like directly over our heads.  It was quite an experience feeling the thunder when we were perched on a path between the mountains.  Once we were through the site we ascended back to the car park through a few little waterfalls safe and sound, but wet.  Here we are with Wentworth Falls behind us - they were quite beautiful from below:


Overall we are having a great time, the car is doing ok (although I had a small argument with a signpost last night when reversing - luckily my bullbar backed me up and the signpost lost the argument), we are doing ok, not missing work in the slightest, loving all the little experiences that make up a good holiday and hoping the rain stays away.  And thanks for all your comments and emails about the blog, they are being read with pleasure (and some homesickness) when we get internet access!


Dyo & NicK said...

Bullbar vs signpost? May i get the picture please? Sure it is pretty destroyed :-)

Susan said...

Hi guys, favourite Scouser Sue here.. just checked out the blog (im a bit slack) looks like you are having an awesome time, obviously not as good as me in work, but you know, sure its ok. ;-)
My biggest question is how you are playing nintendo? Pretty impressed with that one, you guys are probably better equipped in your landrover/"batmobile" than I am in my flat. Good work. (how big of a the coincidence bumping into the spare part guy minutes after the 'puncture thing', good one!!)
Anyway, hope all goes well on the next stint of the mammoth journey.
Have fun and take care
Sue x

PS in 4 weeks -
Parking tickets: 3
Speeding Fines: 1
(Vic Roads 4: Sue 0)

Damien Robinson said... I see some sort of Ginger beard?!? hahaha...hope all is well and you're still enjoying it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Re your comments about Wookey hole, early man lived there 50,000 years ago. Not sure about how old they are, will let you know ASAP.
Hope you're both doing well, it was good to speak to Chaz. Catch up soon.

Adi & Dawn

P.S. Sorry for not writing sooner!