Saturday, 17 May 2008

Tent vs Cabin

Now don't laugh, but me & Em have just settled down to watch the Vicar of Dibley on TV with a pizza delivery.  Yes, we succumbed after a few wet days in the tent and have splashed out on a cabin in a holiday/caravan park.  Pizza delivery, running + drinkable water from a tap, light switches, hot shower, flushing loo, kitchenette,'s amazing, but there is a lot of stuff we take for granted, and after only a couple of weeks of going without them it is noticeable when they are there again!  If anyone is interested I'll post a picture of a "drop-toilet" which is what we mainly use in National Parks but I assure you - even without pictorial evidence - it is a strange feeling walking away from a toilet after a number two without flushing; nobody can ever get used to that surely!

Location update; we are in Soldiers Point near Nelson Bay on the NSW coast approximately 100kms North of Sydney.  Paul & Emily have joined us again after a few days in the city, during which time me and Em explored around Myall Lakes National Park, and very pretty it was too - beach on one side and freshwater lake on the other side.  This is Em on the lakeside showing how flooded it is:


I had my first dingo encounter (Em has seen them before on Fraser Island) at the campsite on Saturday morning (before we left for the cabin):


It was tagged and was very wary of us, and the posters on the campsite told us to keep eye contact and back away if they appear.  After I stared it down (and accidentally whistled at it, which it ignored!) it moved on to other pitches where the people had left for the day to scavenge around their rubbish.  A very strange sight indeed and not a dog that I would like to cross - they are big (larger than a retriever) and quite lean, I would imagine they would be pretty nasty when angry.

After me & Em had packed up camp (after drying everything for about 3 hrs in the sun) we decided to get the bikes out and go for a ride to an old fishing village reachable only by boat or walking track; after 20 mins of riding through puddles the track was covered in lake however, so after taking our shoes off and carefully trying to cross the flooded path we tried to get further, but could not as the lake had risen so much, it was fun something different, here is Em getting her feet muddy and wet:


And just so you know what backpackers we are being, here is the (free) local wireless internet access from the library where we were checking email and posting to the blog:


And a few replies to feedback left recently:

More roadkill/oceankill pics will be posted as soon as available.  Glad you enjoyed them - I was well chuffed we got to see a seal being nibbled on at the end of a such a pleasant ramble to the headland!

No photos of uprooted signpost are available as I am embarrassed about the incident, but my excuse is it had been a long day of driving ;-)

And finally I will be shaving tonight so don't worry - the ginger beard will be more under control by the next post......

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