Monday, 29 September 2008

Fremantle - Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

4 nights in "Freo" (Fremantle); lively, but wet stay in a town centre caravan park, trying to use their dodgy wireless internet, it rained alot, we spent a lot of time in the camp kitchen, I serviced the car and bikes, we met a nice old hippie Rollie (King Rollo to us) who gave me a little light in exchange for a can of VB, Em went on a bike ride along the wharf whilst I slept in the afternoon, we had coffee in Capuccino Strip and went out for a few beers in Freo one wet afternoon!  Nice to be in civilisation for a bit I guess (after I had got over my sulk about the speeding ticket and the puncture).

A few hundred kms South of Fremantle down the coast - 4 nights in Leeuwin Naturaliste NP; Conto Campground, finally a camp fire again (its cold enough to have one!), I nearly took the end of my finger off with my tomahawk (I may tell you more about this, but only to your face and only if you ask as it is embarrassing), Em did lots of baking including pizza & scones in the camp oven, visited the Margaret River wineries (absolutely gorgeous wineries - Xanadu, Leeuwin Estate and Voyager - Em got a bit pissed on tastings, but we felt like deros as we came straight from the NP and smelt like fires!) and surf beaches, renowned as some of the best breaks in the world - I dont have a board anymore, so didnt try any out - not that I would have anyway....the swell was big and there was a bit of a pro-looking crowd out there.  Maybe next time...This is the rivermouth at Prevelly:


On our way out, in the rain, we checked out a local recommendation of visiting the 4wd access only beach at Boranup which was well worth it for the view of the aquamarine coloured sea, the beach and to watch a rain filled squall roll in off the sea and hit us in the face. 


And went to get a photo of this place in the National Park, simply because I love the name and Roald Dahl called not have done better:


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