Monday, 1 September 2008

Things That Have Lasted and Things That Have Not

As the title says, an article on things that have lasted and things that have not, camping stuff mainly, I don't want to jinx anything on the car too much:

Tent: Unfortunately the zips are playing up so we might have to get them fixed by a canvas shop. 

Chairs: Both chairs have duck tape on them to stop the plastic from cracking anymore, one even has a splint and a large amount of duck tape, as I broke it's arm.

Table: For a cheap, crap camping table its lasting really well.

Bags: The pretty, floral bag that Vicki bought Em - it houses all our bedding and so gets thrown around a lot, but is lasting really well and getting a lot of use!  Camo bag on the roof - zip is knackered.  Cheap, crap grey rooftop bag from Supercheap lasting well, a bit torn from the wind.

Clothes: We will need an entire new set when we finish.  Dusty, dirty, torn, stained, etc. etc.

LP Gas: Of course it doesn't last, we use it for cooking, duh.

12volt Light:  Sadly it seems there is a dodgy earth connection or the starter element is knackered, $90 down the drain maybe.  Might try soldering it or ringing the company to get a warranty replacement.

Waeco fridge: All is good with the fridge itself, except....the second battery that we run the fridge does not seem to be holding its charge.  Currently I have the fridge plugged in to the 240v supply in the caravan park at Broome and today we are going to an auto elec as I cannot figure out what is going on.  All the connections are ok, but I think it's either a problem with the battery or (hopefully not) the alternator....

Tyres: My Mickey Thompson tyres, although I have (touch wood) had no punctures as yet, are really badly chipped and will not be much good after this trip.

Sun shades in rear windows of car:  Em did everything right with this homemade invention, but the heat of the sun melted the glue for the velcro patches.  Duck tape should make them last a bit longer.

Bikes and rack: Not been used much, but they are still there and just need a service (or a WD40 bath).  The holder required a couple of modifications early on in the trip which are still holding out.

Roof rack: For a cheap job from Supercheap Auto it's still going strong.

Windscreen washer fluid reservoir: Cable tied in place as two retaining bolts shook loose on corrugations.  (I might list things on the car separately at the end of the trip, as it's quite amusing when you think about it).

Camping stove and table: Still going strong, but with some cable ties to hold table together now.

I think you get the picture that everything is being really torture tested on this trip and some of it is starting to fall apart at the seams.  Hey ho, that's what it is there for I guess, to be used I mean.

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