Monday, 22 September 2008

It all started when I stubbed my big toe...

Sandy Cape & Cervantes; birthday, stubbed big toe, wind picked up, cold, rain, massive fry up, packed up, drove in rain to the Pinnacles, booked a cabin for the night in Cervantes, got in at 1pm, spent all day watching tv, listening to the wind and rain outside!  First time in 4 walls for over 2 months.  Lovely porterhouse for tea.  More tv (it's a novelty and a luxury!). Comfortable bed.

Fremantle; caught speeding outside of some p*ss-ant town I dont even know the name of...78kms in a 60.  "Nice" PC downgraded fine from $150 and 2 points to just $75 fine (why were there 3 cops catching people in this nice big straight stretch of road - which I was driving perfectly safely on, even though it was over the limit, it was only another 20 metres til it was an 80 zone - yet when we called the police in Broome, in fact two people did, for an assault and witnessing a break in to somebody's caravan the police didnt even turn up!?  I wonder why indeed...).  Arrive Fremantle, realised had a slow puncture in rear left tyre (it's always the rear left side that something goes wrong on).  Ran around buying engine oil and a bucket, washed the car, etc. etc.  Cooked a nice curry in friendly clean big camp kitchen.   Hit the sack at 7:30pm.   I love cities.


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