Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hattah-Kulkyne National Park

After 5 nights on the Murray at Police Bend we decided to move 50kms down river to a National Park called Hattah Kulkyne.  Jan & Renata had been here before with Daniella.  It was quite similar to the bush camping at Police Bend, except the heat was up to 36 degrees that day and worse then that the bush flies were absolutely demonic.  We managed to drive around the park getting lost in the sand tracks a few times, visited the small servo/town of Hattah and the plush visitor centre of the NP (nice wooden furniture) for lunch to get out of the flies, but when we camped up we basically ran as fast as we could to get inside the gazebo and then stayed there to sweat it out for the afternoon.  Not much of an enjoyable experience, but a good NP for Victoria all the same!  No luck fishing in the river there either.  Hattah-Kulkyne the name comes from a presumed Scottish "hattah" (but the NP's didnt tell us what it meant) and Kulkyne from a local Aboriginal language meaning forest.  And there was certainly a lot of wood around.  River Red Gum branches (not big ones luckily) were falling all around us in the park.


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