Thursday, 23 October 2008


Well, we are back in Victoria.  Mildura and Hattah-Kulkyne NP are actually in Victoria, but it just didnt feel like it to us as it is still "mallee country".  Today we really feel like we are close to Melbourne.  We are in the Grampians NP where we have been before (with Emily and Paul) and it feels familiar. 

We had a good drive today after leaving Hattah-Kulkyne.  Through some sad looking, desperate, drought-ridden towns in the mallee country of Victoria: Yatpool, Rainbow, Dimboola, etc.  And ended up finding a pleasant camp spot in the Grampians NP.  These are named after the Grampians in Scotland for their similar appearance I believe.  We were glad to get there a it is 1) cooler and 2) not as many flies!  The NP was burnt badly in a bush fire in 2006, but is slowly recovering.  Almost every tree you see in the park has a black trunk which reminds you of how big this bush fire was (I remember seeing it on the news when we were living in Melbourne).

Em cooked some delicious Greek burgers, or beef koftes, which we had with mint and tzatziki, I dont have many good pictures of the Grampians as the light was really odd due to it being overcast, so here is a pic of the Greek burgers instead!


Mine and Em's mental state is interesting at the moment....we are sad to be finishing up a truly awesome adventure around Australia; camping, fishing, 4wding, learning and appreciating history (Aboriginal and European), reading, exploring, chilling, bush walking, etc etc. but also looking forward to firstly spending 3 weeks in Melbourne at friends Jan & Renata's apartment in Port Melbourne (the same suburb we used to live in) catching up with mates and adjusting to city life again, then leaving Melbourne on 24th November to fly back to the UK and start a whole new adventure of life & work somewhere in England, or Europe, or elsewhere, for the next 12 months or however long...we will see what life brings us I guess, but we are most definitely sad to be finishing up our travels around this continent and hope it does not all fade into a dream to be easily forgotten in a few months from now like all post-holiday blues I suppose, just on a bigger scale!

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