Saturday, 25 October 2008

Murray River Camping

Writing this on our second night at a camp spot called Police Bend on the Murray River just outside Mildura.  Splendid spot with a southerly view down a bend in the Murray River.  We have an unbeatable view of the Southern Cross constellation at night.  The only down side is the wind is quite blustery, upto 31 knots today, but it's still hitting the high twenties in temperature so we cannot complain.  I also have some worms (I still struggle putting them on the hooks) and Em has a trash magazine.  Funnily enough there is a shop within about 20 minutes walk from our campsite and we have full 3G phone signal meaning we can check emails from our campsite!  However it is still a really nice spot and very private/quiet.  I took a shower in the river water today with no issues(!).  No fish caught as yet.


Yesterday I "caught" some freshwater mussels and we cooked them up, but they looked disgusting and didn't taste much better.  I reckon they were rated "bush tucker".  They were huge, but never again.  We had fried egg sandwiches for dinner instead.

Night sky photos; Southern Cross and Scorpius constellations:


By the end of of the fifth night I had had 4 bites on the fishing rods; once I saw a 2-3kg fish (one has a tendency to exageratte these things) come to the bank snagged on my hook only to get loose just as I was about to grab him from the water, then the same fish bite a couple more times, once to break the line and once to take my hook, then the fourth bite I caught and retrieved a Murray Cod - only to realise this is closed season and he was undersize anyway, so I had to put him back - for next time.

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